Deconfinement: anglers return to the water with a good catch

How man transformed the eerie ocean into a seaside paradise ...

Their jubilation, the sweet intoxication of their incredulous smiles are imprinted in our memories, thanks to the images of Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau.In the summer of 1936, millions of workers and employees discovered "the week of the seven Sundays" , until then reserved for "full with aces", officials and other lucky people.Without the circle, they feast on a trip on the banks of the Marne or stay seated in front of their homes.But some, nearly 600,000, venture far away, towards a beach on the Normandy coast or even as far as Saint-Tropez by offering themselves a "paid vacation" train ticket, at a reduced price.Stéphane Hessel, then a student, recounted "these rushes of people who went to the sea.”Where does their enthusiasm come from? Very few know how to swim, the tan, for a long time commoner, is still hardly in place, but their touching testimonies tell of the wonder of breathing "the first breaths of sea air" as coming "from another world".

Another world ? For the modern mind, the sea is not only a geographical reality: it is also an intimate experience, imbued with memories, history, imagination - this is what the philosopher Pierre Cassou analyzes in detail.-Noguès in a book with a content as singular as its title: “Metaphysics of a seaside.” “The seaside,” he writes, is not only what we see with one's eyes, or the cold sensation in which the bather plunges.It is also the memory of a swimming lesson which comes back suddenly

Posted Date: 2020-07-21

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